Aashni Bagadia - Mumbai, Maharashtra


All this began when my parents found out about the IofC Youth Conference. My brother forced me to go along with him (I do thank him for that).

At the beginning of the first day, I felt that it was a huge mistake. But slowly as the day progressed, it became more exciting. Normally, I am a shy, introvert sort of a person who doesn't mingle around with other people and is just happy by herself. Here I had no idea what was wrong with me. Once, we were divided into our groups and were asked to make a small speech about ourselves, I spoke loudly and clearly with full confidence.

I started feeling much more different about myself. During the first quiet time itself, I could listen to my inner voice. I realized that since a year, I had this fear of something I had no clue about. When I used to feel it, I would be as still as a dead body. I used to get this weird feeling from my stomach to my throat which in turn would make me breathe heavily and in extreme cases, I used to feel a vibration in my hands and feet. This used to scare me. I kept wondering why I felt this tremendous fear.

On the third day, I realized this fear was only because I feared myself. I have made quite a few mistakes in my past which I would NEVER want to repeat and this fear was only because I feared repeating them. I needed to get over that fear somehow. This could happen only if I could build my confidence.

By the 5th day, I had worked on my confidence and I realized that I didn't feel the fear as much as before.

I got the courage to share my past with a few people as well which somehow removed the burden from my heart and soul. I understood the true meaning of unconditional love towards others and yourself. From being a shy kind of person who couldn't speak without hesitation even in front of two new people, I got the courage to go up on stage and share a few lines on my experience with around 170 new people. Quiet time has changed my life entirely and I do and always follow it throughout my life. Due to it, I also have been able to control my anger and sadness. I have become more happy and my relation with my family and friends have become much more better and pure compared to before!

All thanks to MRA Youth Conference who has completely changed a 16 year olds' life.

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