Nithi Divecha - Nagpur, Maharashtra


June 2014 was when I stepped onto Asia Plateau, being a nature lover I was stunned by the beauty the place possessed. The place offered something that cities could not give us. I have a very special love for this place because it not only helped me be close to nature but also close to myself.

YC 2014 was an experience that has taught me a lot and has moulded me into a person I am today. To be honest I did not get the concept of quiet time for the first 3 days. I used to roam around and just enjoy the surroundings. On the 4th day when I sitting under a tree I was thrown back to a memory of me at the beach. That made me think, and it was the first time I wrote something meaningful in my diary which was somewhere inspired by a book I had read in the MRA library. I wrote:

“A young child sits building sandcastles on the beach. It constantly builds something new, something which it treasures for only a moment before it knocks it all down again. In the same way Time has been given a planet to play with. We are just toys of time – we are sand.
Time doesn’t pass, and Time doesn’t tick. We are the ones who pass, and our watches tick. Everything will disappear. It will disappear and be replaced with new multitudes. There is nothing as complicated and precious as a person – but we are treated like trash. We’re alive, you know, but we live this only once. We open our arms and declare that we exist, but then we are swept aside and thrust into the depths of history. Because we are disposable.
But then there is something which cannot be erased. It’s our “ideas”. Plato has rightly called this the “world of ideas”. The sandcastle isn’t the most important thing. What is most important is the image of a sandcastle which the child had pictured before it started to build.”

Coming to MRA I realized that my time in this world is limited and since I have little time why not make it the best time of my life. Love the people who love me, and also love those who don’t because love only increases by giving.

I am grateful for LMAD to making me a better human being.
Thank you MRA!
-Nithi :)

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