Nitin Jain - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


LMAD was something I never knew about up untill one of my friend Karan forced me to be the part of National youth conference 2015.

And now since I wasn't aware of anything about the conference and a person with pessimism due to my failures in CA exams I was quite in need of a break.

At the nick of the time, I got my plans done and then ended up landing at Asia-Plateau very next day. My friend haven't revealed much about the conference since he wanted me to keep alive the anxiety and assured me that I'll love it. Trust on him made me come to this place and get subscribed to the idea of Quite-time or should I say the most talkative time with our own self disguised.

When I entered the Iofc centre I was mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the place  & then by the grace of the people who welcomed us with love.

First morning waking up at AP and seeking my phone, I released how I was controlled by a thing & while leaving AP I dint even bothered much about it and I felt it as a success.

Change is something which comes from within gradually, nobody can force it on you. Quite time made me realise that apart from being sad I can be happy for different reasons. There are reasons to be happy, art is distinguishing it. Family session gave me an expression, which made me express my emotions towards my family which I never did before.

I flunked exams 4 times in a row which made me nothing but a pessimist and I was hopeless. In my QT I asked oneself, 'what am I gaining form this?' the answer was simple - 'nothing'. Then I felt rather than wasting my energy on thinking bad, I can do(not only think) good. That mere realisation was a beam of hope & optimism.

Every answer we seek lies within, only the guts of a person makes him determine the truth. The best way to grow is to get experience, here apart from mine there were lots of people who added in me by sharing their thoughts and made me think other way round as well, which eventually increased my horizon to think.

I also felt that society is in need of change for good but to make that happen I have to change oneself. If we contemplate over the things we need to, we will make a difference and then the society to country will grow to sky, where humanity will be our religion and love our worship.

'Only if I can sound I pure, I can change WE'.

So Lets Make A Difference.
Nitin Jain

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