LMAD Fellowship 2021




The work of Initiatives of Change - Let’s Make A Difference (LMAD) so far has been significant yet the opportunities that are available are endless; the number of people we have reached is nothing but a drop in the vast ocean of young people of this world. LMAD has grown un-organically for 27 years and we asked ourselves, “Can we grow organically from now onwards, keeping next 50 years of our work and growth in our thoughts?” We need to do lot more and for this we need a dedicated team of young people working for a long span of time. It is only possible to achieve our vision for the next 50 years by investing in humans and the fellowship is one such step in that direction.

The larger thought is to run a fellowship programme for three/five years and spread the work of LMAD across the country and beyond. It will involve three to five fellows who will work together for a year and hand over the baton to the next batch of fellows who will work for another year and so on. 


LMAD fellowship program, is an inside-out experience. It will involve training and working simultaneously. The initial part of the training and learning is to strengthen oneself within, followed by concrete action where a deliverable plan is drawn and later achieved.


Working and giving time for the work of LMAD is a huge responsibility. One carries the legacy of past 27 years of hard-work and personal sacrifice of many who have given unconditionally in building the foundation of LMAD. We can never forget the very foundation on which IofC is built; we are the custodians and in spirit our behaviour should showcase the legacy of IofC and LMAD. We are looking for individuals with dedication and motivation. We are looking for individuals who have the courage to continuously challenge and defeat their own selves and individuals who are looking for preparing themselves to be a future leader of men and mankind. We are looking for individuals with unclogged mind, daredevil attitude, amiable aptitude, and a tad bit higher level of mindfulness. We are looking for individuals that derive delight and energy from their work, individuals that possess the spirit of ‘I'll make it happen’.


We are looking for solid role models who do the work of taking the message of LMAD more through their actions and life and less through their words. We want you to be governed by your inner voice and be inspired by the absolute standards.


Our appeal to the reader is to consider giving one year of yours to the work of LMAD, but before you consider giving your constructive time to our work, ask yourself the question: “Can I live my life based on the values which we are talking about? Is my very existence based on quiet time and following the inner voice? Can I do this at every instance and and not just when I am involved with the work of LMAD?” This is very crucial. One needs to consciously work to be a better human with each passing moment.


Objectives of the Fellowship


The objective of the fellowship programme is to invest in individuals who will in turn invest in the development of the nation and world. All those who get selected for the fellowship are chosen to bring a positive permanent lasting change, not only in themselves but in families, society and nation at large. With the passage of time, the whole world will witness the significance of the fellowship. The legacy created through your hard-work will inspire other fellows in the future. 


Another key objective of the LMAD Fellowship is to nurture and create individual leaders, equipped both with the skills and the mindset and vision to own and sustain an initiative. Yes, the one year itself will focus on team work and taking the servant leadership approach but the overall long-term goal for each individual must be to see and build oneself up towards being a leader – someone who is willing to take charge, make decisions, lead and inspire a team towards achieving something truly great. The fellowship itself will impart a great amount of learnings and training in many vital fields. It is for you, the individuals to absorb them to the best of your ability and envision yourself as a leader who will use these learnings and experience to lead an initiative in the future, either with LMAD or any movement you feel called to connect with in the long term.

What you will benefit from the Fellowship


The fellowship programme is like a double-edged sharp sword, on one side you are giving your pure time and dedication with an open mind, whereas on the other side all the possible skills, tools and opportunity to grow inside-out are available. The combination of two is going to create a powerful synergy. 


Deeper understanding and application of IofC values is the very core of the fellowship program, its philosophy will be etched in one’s overall personality. No compromise will be made on discipline and quiet time, building the foundation of each fellow based on moral values and creating a new YOU, where the foundation is introspection. Through self-introspection the fellows will prepare a wish-list for personal growth, specifically skills that you would like to develop to meet your life goals; things that you want to achieve and improve about yourselves. This will be aligned with the vision of LMAD and the fellows will work towards self-development and development of youth all over the world.


The entire working experience is going to be a group activity, inter-personal dependence, complementing each other, standing by the other during challenging times and being focused towards the larger crafted vision of our work. This is a group project, but each individual plays an important role, where that individual is not controlled, governed or directed by others who are part of the fellowship. The fellow will be able to achieve a balance between “I” and “WE”. Group dynamics and inter-personal skills are paired well with personal space towards inner growth and the responsibilities of the fellowship. 


You will gain facilitator skills such as planning and execution of a programme to minute detail, highest standard of accuracy in all kinds of work, large, medium, minor and micro application of all skills towards achievement of goals with finesse. Organizational skills will get sharpened, macro to micro to nano aspects will be thought and implemented as per the plan. There will be no short-cuts, only pure hard-work and perseverance which will give excellent results. Being a great facilitator and organizer lies at the very heart of our Youth Conference and regional programmes, all of which you will be deeply involved with in the course of the one-year fellowship. You will be part of the planning process and minute by minute running of all regional programmes and the youth conference. You will not be a mere observer but both an active participant and coordinator. Our sessions and group discussions are the lifeblood of our programmes so to be able to effectively contribute to both, you will learn facilitation skills. This involves being able communicate ideas and thoughts to a large audience and focused groups and help design specific sessions and workshops. Facilitation skills are in fact life skills that will come in handy in various other fields as well in the future.

You will develop soft skills like public speaking, computer, preparing presentation, photography, filming, taking notes, writing reports, meeting people at higher positions like corporate, government, bureaucracy, educationists, like-minded NGO’s etc. 

All skills that have been expressed above are value addition which for sure will give momentum to our work and also satisfaction when we see results.

We are confident in bringing out the best in you, where change in behaviour will be visible; transition from thinker to doer, dormant to active, stagnation to rejuvenation and overall growth will happen. This will be possible when one surrenders completely to the fellowship, its teachings and later follows it in absolute terms.


What will be your responsibility during the Fellowship


Once the fellows are equipped with basic skills, they will be ready to hit the field with the message of LMAD. 

The National Youth Conference

We need to strengthen our flagship National Youth Conference at Asia Plateau. It should become an aspirational learning platform; to earn a seat for the national conference one should show dedication and open-mindedness. Holding the LMAD certificate should be a matter of pride and power in a youth’s portfolio. Every conference has to be full house. The diversity of the participants, across the nation, participation from premier educational institutions of India are vital. The entire experience of LMAD at AP, including funding, participation and coordination, should become auto pilot for the organizing team. The focus should be on deliverables with optimum new learning, where we embrace the constant change that is happening in the society. LMAD should have idea-thought-suggestion basket, this will bring in constant new values and our work will move ahead with time.

Social Media

What is also key is to professionalize LMAD. This includes putting in place professional systems which are easily accessible and increasing our social media presence. We need to keep this platform engaged with inspiration constantly through a comprehensive website with written and audio-visual content, national and regional conference archives, LMAD family database and constant update of all of the above.


The LMAD app should become prominent on all platforms. It should be dynamic and content rich and also adapt to changing times; a reader’s delight.


A lot of effort needs to go in creating content, interviewing participants parents/speakers, recording, writing, editing and putting it on our website/app, as short inspirations. Short videos, images with meaningful messages, is the future; LMAD needs to work in this area.


Archiving of last 27 years, data, images, videos, newspaper cuttings reports, speakers all this should be in cloud space. Unwanted data need to be removed for good and deleted. We must think of printing IofC-LMAD-AP pictorial, it can be in both the formats e-pictorial and like a coffee table book.


New means of spreading the idea

The most powerful way to sensitize civil society at large is to relay the message in an audio-visual medium in the simplest manner. Humour, heart touching incidents, music, fresh new songs, all this included in a LMAD stage production with our own stories of change will be impactful. This production can travel across the nation to deliver our message of values and inner introspection.

The new medium which we have embraced and started liking is virtual space. Every national youth conference has to simultaneously run, in-person and through the virtual space. The virtual platform has potential reach across the globe and for this, social medium will play an important role and we have to be innovative to attract youth through this mode.


Regional/International Conferences


Another main task is to establish new regional chapters where the need is most prominent and the young community is deprived of our thoughts. We need to take the message and increase our reach of regional conferences to thousands of youth and more. During the second half of every year, after National YC, every month one regional conference needs to happen on a large scale with over thousand participants. Few regional conferences can take place once in two years in established regions like Parli and Tamar and every year we should plant our footprint in newer regions like Rishikesh. Creating significant tailor-made programs with powerful new content as per the present day needs of the region, these programs have to be deep life changing, where it will work on the very core of that human and conscious application will bring a turn-around, which will help the larger cause of humanity. Such programs have to be rolled out in the premier institutions of our country like IAS, IPS, IFS, IIM’S, IIT.

The time has come for us to take our message International. Wherever we have a LMAD representative present in another country, we must activate our team and inspire them to take lead in organising youth programs in their city/country.

Organizing a conference takes lots of efforts, sometimes an entire year is invested, thousands of hours of talking, listening, writing, thinking is invested in creating a life changing conference. We always rise to the occasion and collectively execute the conference as per the plan; till date LMAD has always delivered through God’s grace. What we need to strengthen is to design a flawless mechanism of follow-up where all the efforts put in by us leads to further growth of individual participants and continuity in our regional programs for many more years. 

Creating a Newsletter

Once every month, a newsletter, speaking about the work that is in progress and what has transpired needs to go out to all those who have attended national and regional youth conference. This will give a sense of inclusiveness and sharing of what we are doing within the larger team, it will also inspire the team reading about our work and its growth. The newsletter will give a snap-shot of our activities during the month, about the guests and speakers who visited the fellow home, in this way it will positively nudge many in our team to come forward and work with LMAD by giving their time in various activities of our work. They may also feel inspired to come and stay in the fellow home for few days. Every guest visiting the home will add value to the work and vice-versa.

Fund Collection

Financial stability is very important for our work and its sustainability, for this we need funds and funds have to come in constant supply. A few avenues are through Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR], micro funding within the alumni of LMAD, where they send in a fixed amount every month and donations. Corporate programs for the industry will bring in funds which can be redirected towards programs the rural and backward regions of our country. Also, the LMAD production can bring in huge money through shows, sponsorship and advertisement. 

Ties with the Government

We should stay in touch with the GOI and HRD ministry and regularly meet and exchange ideas on better education in areas of morals, ethics and quiet time. Building connections with many in the government is vital, it can open many doors for passing on our message of change. Government funds can also be utilized in spreading the message. As a pilot project, we can tie-up with any state government and work with all the elected members for five years, change them from bench sitters to field workers, showcase the result and give them guarantee, that for sure they will get re-elected after five years, if they follow our model without dilution.

Aspirational District

LMAD has been planning to adopt Haridwar, which is one of the aspirational districts as identified by Niti Aayog. This will be a partnership program, collaborating with ICCfG; their guidance is vital to make this program work. The needs of the district will be far too many. A separate team is vital for coordination, support and execution. Encouraging many from our team to give short/long term time towards this initiative is crucial. Working in the aspirational district will take lot of time and effort; for this we will need the fellows to support those who will be working in the district. Coordination, feeder and fully integrated support system between both the verticals will be vital. 

LMAD Gatherings for alumni

One iconic think-tank-based programme at Asia Plateau should be curated each year and the lead will be taken by those who feel that they want to give back to the work. A separate team can be created for this. This can be planned with ICCfG; they bring the intellectual capital and we bring facilitation skills. The theme can be Bharat Jodo. 

Once in two years, a Youth Mela, a gathering of all the previous participants of LMAD, from national and regional conferences should take place for exchange of ideas, building camaraderie, sharing stories, putting into practice new ideas, thoughts and taking on responsibilities for future endeavours.


Thinking, research and suggesting solutions that will help the society


India has lots of problems and LMAD needs to keep its thinking hat on and try to provide alternatives and solutions, where it can. Can we as a team identify one problem which can bring lifelong solution to its people? We can take these thoughts to GOI, NGO’s, corporates, organizations and warring factions.

This can be possible because we are also connected with the people at grass root level and our spread is in many parts of the country. Our sensitivity and open eyes will for sure show us areas which can be addressed, to better the life of humans. Suggestion can be given to the Prime Minister where he can share it in Munn Ki Baat, he is always asking for ideas which can be shared to the larger population.


The survey which we are taking before the YC has to be well thought through and studied. Based on the results of the past survey, we must think of a session to address certain needs of youth. We must extend this survey in all our regional conferences too. A detail survey in the aspirational district will create first hand vital data as a district case study. Its worth will be in gold.


Fellow Home


Fellow home is LMAD home and many from our family will be visiting the home at regular intervals, all are welcome and each guest must feel at home. They bring in their thoughts, time, sharing and knowledge; at the same time the fellow also offers and shares wide experience and inspiration to every guest who comes and stays with the fellow. The fellow home will be inviting many guests to speak on various subjects, the idea is to make the event a memorable learning and listening experience and at the same time the guest too should feel enriched meeting each fellow of the home and also introducing/sharing the idea of our work. Inviting guest speakers should be a regular practice. It is value and knowledge addition to our work.


Every Thursday ICCfG conducts weekly meeting, the fellows should to attend this meeting. Working closely with them helps gain knowledge and understanding and establishes connections at GOI level. They are a power house of bureaucracy.


Essentials for the Fellowship


  • The participant has to complete the full term of the fellowship.  
  • The fellow would be required to stay in Delhi. Stay, vegetarian food, travel expense towards the work of IofC – LMAD will be taken care of.
  • The residence in Delhi will have to be shared by all the participants. Living in Harmony and being accommodative is important.
  • Discipline, early wake-up, and punctuality are vital for the fellowship.
  • Only vegetarian food will be cooked/served and allowed in the house during the stay and during any conferences.
  • Traveling to various places is a key part of the fellowship and the fellow should be open to this. This is of course after the Covid situation gets better.
  • Working in a group, coordinating, and cooperating with others will be a major part of the participant's responsibility.
  • Working as equals and respecting every teammate at all times is crucial.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated during the entire period of fellowship and beyond in one’s personal life.
  • Drinking, Smoking, consuming Drugs, Pornography, Gambling, and Tobacco Chewing is strictly not allowed.
  • Personal Hygiene and cleanliness of the place are vital during one’s stay.
  • This fellowship is to further the work of Let’s Make A Difference and that should be the fellow's only priority at all times. No personal agenda will be encouraged, taking responsibility and sharing the burden of household work is an essential quality in becoming a serving leader. 



By filling the below form, you agree to have read the above essentials and will follow them consciously all the time; as a fellow, LMAD expects that your future life will be in continuation of your learning.