Nikhil Panjwani - Katni, Madhya Pradesh


Hello! The journey began in 2016, when a family friend told about me about LMAD. At that time, my relationship with my family and friends was ruined. My family loved me, cared for me and fulfilled my demands.I didn’t listen to my parents; I spoke rudely to them; I disrespected them and broke their trust. I didn’t realise what I was doing. I had become very harsh and created a distance from my family. Despite that, my parents believed that I would improve myself and be a good son.

1st June 2016 was my first day in Panchgani, the main thought in my mind was to question where I hadcome. I then told myself that I would let the eight days pass and never come back to the centre.The next day during my first Quiet Time, I didn’t feel any change as I didn’t take it seriously. When one of the co-ordinator’s told me to surrender myself to the Conference, I thought I should give it a try. On the 3rd morning during Quiet Time I went over my past and started thinking. Literally I started feeling something. My eyes were full of tears. I realised the poor reputation I have in front of my family,friends and in society. I saw the worst kind of devil that I was feeding and it was growing by the day. I realised that I should kill the devil inside me.I thought I really need to change.

The sessions of Viral Bhai and the speakers really impacted me positively. During the Conference, I learnt what relations are and why they are made. On family day when I talked to my father over the phone I spoke my heart out. I told him everything and he kept crying and said to forget the past and have a new start.

After the Conference ended, slowly my relationship with my parents started to improve and I was encouraged to improve my relationship with other family members and friends. In the past, I had never apologised, however after the Conference when I did apologise, much to surprise of many people, I started to bridge relationships. One day my father came and told me “Now you are becoming the son I want”. His eyes were full of tears of happiness and we hugged. From that day,I share a very good bond with him and he is my best friend. My mom said “You have changed Nikhil. I am proud of you”.

My journey started with the thought that I will never come back. However, it changed to, I will come every year. I returned in 2017 and committed myself to attend conference every year. It's like injection for whole year to me.All thanks to LMAD, I have changed myself a lot and have started loving my family and myself.

Stories of Change