Nikita Bhagat - Pune, Maharashtra


Nikita Bhagat's Story of Change

As a fifteen year old, I did all that was expected of a focussed sincere kid – excelled in academics, performed well in the professional sports circuit, followed every guideline laid out by my parents and of course enjoyed my share of innocent fun.
Life seemed happy and complete... until I attended the LMAD conference in 2008 for the first time.

Having been introduced to the concept of quiet time awakened the sleeping giant within me. The ideals of PHUL threatened the image of my perfect life and consequently churned a whirlpool within. Suddenly, all I could perceive of life was a grey haze of confusion.

However, with every annual LMAD youth conference came moments of clarity about self, society and life at large. Thereon, it has been an exciting journey of self discovery & improvement.

Yes, change is the only constant but it also takes you to unexplored realms of your being. And being associated with IofC LMAD over the years, has taught me to embrace change in the most graceful manner.

Stories of Change