Navin Jewani - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


“It just takes one single step to change your life”.

A confused boy was fed up of his life and was trying to find out where he was going. What does he want? What makes him happy?. He attended LMAD with the hope to discover himself. After I completed my 12th I was clueless about what I wanted to do. I had no aim, no goals and no perspective of my own life. And then LMAD made a difference to me. One the very first day I felt something trapped inside me that wanted to come out but I was not sure what it was. On the next day we all were introduced to the concept of Quiet Time which was the only way I met this "person" inside me. Quiet Time helped me in finding myself. It led me to the place where I found myself happy. I am a shy person who never speaks much but I didn’t know that the ‘inner me’ had so much to say. That was the moment when I started listening to my inner voice.

I am also an introvert who never used to talk to new people but when I met them in Asia Platau, we didn’t just talk, we became a family where you can share whatever you wanted without the fear of being judged. I found people who were equally caring as my parents are. It never felt like I am away from my home.

I was a very egoistic person who never accepted his mistakes or the wrong things that I had done. Whenever my inner self wanted to do something good, my ego pulled me back which led to many problems in my life. I usually didn’t have many friends because of it and it also affected my relationship with my family. After listening to Viral Bhai and during the entire journey I realized my mistakes and my flaws. Now I have a very healthy relationship with my family and friends.

I thank Viral Bhai and the complete LMAD team who made me believe in myself.

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