Naveen Sai - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


My association with LMAD started in the year 2014, back in school. I was in 10th standard and was told about an excursion to Panchgani during the summer vacation. I decided to go. I was only told that it is a youth conference and is named 'Let's Make A Difference', I was facinated by the name.

During my whole journey from Jamshedpur to Panchgani I was only wondering as to what is the conference about as I was clueless. I was amazed by the beauty of the place and could feel the positive vibes as I entered into Asia Plateau. By this I had a feeling that whatever would happen would be beautiful.

And what unfolded changed me as a person in many ways. I was introduced to the concept of Quite Time which I couldn't connect to on the first day but as days passed by things had become more clearer to me. Introspection showed me my real self as to how selfish and confused I was and it also showed me my broken relations which I realised was due to my anger and ego.

Writing in my diary during Quite Time has helped me to write about what I feel and to express them through poems now. Writing has helped me to control my emotions. LMAD has guided me to find my true potential and to choose what to do in life and set up goals to reach there.

I used to be a shy person and had a fear of speaking in public. A key learning for me from the conference was confidence; confidence to see inside myself and to correct whatever was wrong in me; confidence to speak to a person with whom I have any issues and to sort it out. Sharing in the group discussions helped me to gain confidence.

I am very thankful to LMAD for shaping me and now I can say that I am governed by myself and not by my ego or anyone else. I will keep coming back here again and again and keep the change alive in me to become better and better.


Every story has an end but In life every end is a new beginning.

Every second brings a new inception. Every hour holds a new promise.

Every night our dreams can bring
Hope and every day is what
You choose to make it.

The colours of spring emerge With the first sweet sounds of Song birds to fill our winter Weary souls, bringing hope New beginning and inspiration. Its time for a fresh start.

Its not what you look at That matters, indeed its What you see. Appreciate The little things and find Beauty in everything.

Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.
Like a phoenix, rise from the ashes.

Naveen Sai

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