Koushik Modi - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


About Koushik Modi

I am Koushik Modi from Jamshedpur and have completed my Bachelor of Business Management from Christ University, Bangalore. I have also complete my Graduate Gemologist course fro Gemological Institute of America, Mumbai.

Koushik Modi's Story of Change

My Journey with LMAD started in the year 2009 when my school first introduced me to this idea. I was in 11th standard when I first came for this conference and at that time I never used to interact much with people and was a very average student in my school. When I was coming for this conference I didn’t have any clue about what will unfold in front of me in the coming 8 days. I was just excited that I am being a part of this conference.

When I first entered Asia Plateau, I was just mesmerized by the beauty of it. Whether it is the chirping of the birds or the calmness which this place provides. The first 2-3 days was very stressful for me because I was still getting used to the idea of this Youth Conference and especially the real essence, which is the Quiet Time. In the beginning, I couldn’t think of anything about what to write and how to introspect myself within. To be very true it took a lot of time for me to really see within myself.

Since I didn’t used to interact much with people also I had a great amount of stage fear within me. But when I went through this 8 days of conference that is when I realized where and all I was wrong and where and all I need to correct myself and since then the process of change started with me. I still took a lot of time to overcome my weaknesses and my relationships with people. During the conference and after the conference as well, I started taking small steps to overcome my stage fear and also started interacting with a lot of people. It helped me in setting up a aim in my life that where I wanted to be. Through my constant perseverance and long term focus when I went to college I was elected as the Core Committee Member of my college which is chosen amongst 1350 students from my College. A designation, which was most respectful in my college. I was also been made the Festing head in my college and was given a chance to represent in various fests amongst which the most prestigious one was Sriram College of Commerce, Delhi where i became victorious and was awarded by our present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Not only this, when I got introduced to the idea of PHUL(Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness, Love) I was very confused about this but on the later stage when I introspected within myself against these four standards that was the time when I realized how wrong was I. I had so much dirt inside me which needed to be cleansed. I realized how I used to lie to my family and friends for small things and how I didn’t used to show my love towards anyone. But today, I have taken steps to rebuild my relationship with my family and friends and I could say that the bonding, which was there earlier, and the bonding that is there today has strengthened by a million folds.

The Youth Conference and the coordinators workshop has helped me to a great extent in what I was and what I am today. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Lets Make A Difference for building and strengthening my life. I would love to be a part of this conference again and again and hope to keep on having that process of change within me and looking to meet new people always.

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