Grishma Mehta - Nagpur, Maharashtra


First time I encountered LMAD in the year 2012. Back then I came for the conference as a student who had just appeared for her exams and was looking forward for a vacation. At that I did not had much idea about what this conference was packaged for.

I was awe struck with its beautiful campus, huge auditorium, spacious dining area, the lush greenery and the picturesque view. Te whole atmosphere had positive vibes with people smiling and greeting. Then came the process of introspection and realisation with four main principles of LMAD i.e Honesty, Purity, unselfishness and love.

We may think that these are the basic principles that we have been learning from our childhood, but there we actually introspect that are we really following it? 

We have two question ourselves that our we controlled by external factors more than our inner voice?

That's where quite time steps in which is the true essence of this conference. It is like talking to our conscience. This principles have given me a way to measure my life. Quite time leads to a change in thought process.  It made me to follow my thoughts, listen to my conscience and to take a stand for right things. These 8 days I was away from everyone and everything which gave me a reality check. By following this process, I became an improvised version of myself. I was more calm, composed, sorted and matured. My way of looking and perceiving things towards life and people was much better. It was a life changing experience that helped me to tackle different situations that I faced. This process also helped me in my career building. I learnt what is to spend some quality time with myself. This conference made a person I wished to be and I made some lifetime friends. Now I am always surrounded with positivity and that is what I spread, positivity, smiles and happiness. 

Stories of Change