Gurpal Singh - Khasab, Oman


Hello Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing fine and yes surely need a change in youself. The idea of change emerged when I just randomly said “Yes” for attending the camp @ Asia Plateau, Panchgani, Pune, Maharashtra. It was just like a outing for me… just like a summer vacation like chilling around enjoying, eating and all stuffs which I generally do. So on when I first stepped into AP it was like there are no words to describe until unless someone personally admires it. The clenliness, trees, flowers, small sitting places, clean rooms, auditorium, gestures of every single soul was like PERFECT… as if beyond imagination.

I was flattered by the beauty and thought yes this is a cool place to enjoy so everything was provided simultaneously without any offence. Then just went for the conference. And my 3 days just passed like what am I doing here... the person is speaking and it was just flying above my head just understood what the person was speaking and took it lightly and when the time came to introspect within in related to the four standards PHUL (Purity, Honesty, Love, Unselfishness) to sit alone and write on me into these... I was not getting what to do...then slowly slowly I started thinking my past what all has happened with me.. So here it is I was pure from within but was very cunning, use to steal money from my mom’s wallet just to eat choclates any eatables whatever it may be it was just that I spend everything on stuffs which made me happier like creamrolls, choclates, pepsi and all... Only I knew that somehow I have to fill my stomach whether anybody gets to eat or not… My stomach should be full. Same in my house when felt hungry then use to eat the cooked food which was kept for my big brother and later used to get thrashed…. same after stealing money never use to tell the truth that I did it everytime use to take my brother’s name so that I should not get beatings, was never honest with my elders, use to be unselfish with my family in related to food, just thought about myself nd nobody else. It was because my big brother use to drink, eat gutkhas and use to speak rubbish to my mom, grandmother and grandfather, everytime he is been questioned related to his life and deeds… He never use to listen I was left alone and nobody had time for me... So when coming back from school I never use to go out to play because I was quiet, dumb, and never liked anybody. I use to get detained from class, never studied, never respected anyone and after completing my 8 wonderful days in MRA AP from 1st June to 8 June 2009 I started building up confidence in myself, showed respect to others, gained nd passed with flying colours which I have never expected from me, one of all which I still remember that I got ⅕ out of 80 in maths when I was in 8th grade I was thrown out of school before attending the camp and after attending when I went to new school I couldnt beleive I got 77 out of 80 it was just I started studying everyday which I never use to do and it really showed a good result. Then year per year I succeeded in life everybody was happy with my changed behavior, studies and all. And now with this change here I am now water eatment engineer by profession and currently handling the whole plant as Assistant staion Engineer for power house (RAECO) at Khasab, Oman.

I feel very proud of myself and my life nearly change after attending camps, listening to sharings of others, the speaker who spoke so politely that every words spoken by him was like yes I should be folling this, doing this not that. So those days nd now when i’ve completed 5 years with AP Moral Rearmament Initiatives of change is like very much different. Currently very happy and still attending nd introspecting myself everytime when I sit alone.

Thanks to Moral Re-armament, Viral bhai, Rajiv bhai, all those coordinators who helped me out into being a good human being. Thanks alot because the change will never end.

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