Cheshta Gangwani - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


"This is my journey, which began when I was in Mumbai at my sister’s house for a vacation. One fine noon, I was just scrolling social media and saw a post of my friend about how excited she was for some conference. I got interested, took details from her about this place and thought of coming to Panchgani. At that stage I was just trying to figure out what I want to do next, after my high school. I thought of giving this conference a chance and came with the hope to understand my passion and the possibilities of next things in life.

On the first day, I was pretty much confused about everything and was not able to understand the whole point of this conference. But gradually, when I allowed myself to be free and accept the newness of the place ,I started enjoying it. 

At my normal I am shy and introvert. I don't open up to people that easily. The conference gave me the space and made me realise that maybe I am more then an introvert, maybe I too can share stories, maybe I too can open up and share my life and give something out to the world. Talking to so many people out there, listening their lives and their opinions on different things made me understand so many perspectives towards life. I started enjoying listening to people, their thoughts and their stories. I started feeling happy. Also that’s when I realised what all things I can pursue in my future.

This journey, this conference not just made me understand other people and their perspectives but also made me a more grateful person. Seeing people over there being more happier than me, even when they have much bigger problems in their lives made me realise how happy should I be for everything I’ve been blessed with.

Today when I compare myself to the old me, I realise how much I have changed. I am much closer to my parents today, more open and more sharing. I am much more patient and polite. I am learning to accept the things the way they are coming. I am learning to appreciate the things even when they are not in my favour. This conference helped me a lot in being open to my surrounding, situations and people for which I will never be able to show how grateful I am. 

The youth conference not only helped me in my path but also made me understand myself better."

Stories of Change