Vaishali Raheja - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


I came to this conference in 2016. My cousin always talked about MRA and this youth conference. So, in 2016, he brought me and few of our cousins to this Conference. At first I thought it would be a great trip to go on with my friends and cousins because he never told us about what going to happen there as he wanted us to experience it by ourselves.

First few days, I just could not understand what actually I was here for but then, I came across a good bundle of people from various places, sharing their heart touching stories and then I realized my life is good and I must cherish the life I live with my family and friends, because I have always received their love and care.

Introspecting myself, I realized there is always something I could improve on. Now I have become more polite, calm, kind, forgiving and most importantly, I always wish to carry a pure heart and that is what MRA has served me with. So its just the little things, that have mattered to me the most. My problems might not be as big as somebody else's, but I thought I just could work on those little things and cherish them :)

Stories of Change