Sipika Hinduja - Katni, Madhya Pradesh


My name is Sipika Hinduja. I have completed MCA. I came to know about this conference from my brother. Before reaching Asia Plateau I was tensed as to how I will survive those 8 days without my family nor mobile with me. I wasn't sure whether it would be possible for me to interact with total strangers there. But when I reached Asia Plateau everything seemed to be perfect. Each and everyone were greeting each other and making an attempt to talk. Each and every coordinator was extremely nice, warm and helpful right from lifting our luggage to the registration process everything made me comfortable and welcoming.

Now that I have settled back to my daily routine but I still miss the routine at Asia Plateau and each and every moment spent there. The most important concept of the LMAD youth conference was quiet time. During  quiet time I started introspecting my mistakes which I commit mostly due to my aggression and most of time I misbehave and be rude to my mother. Introspection made me realize where I need to correct myself.  I have decided that I will overcome my aggressive nature and will make a conscious effort of never misbehaving with my mother. I can find a good change towards my behaviour and am still working on it.  I have always ignored my passion and had never considered it. I have now been devoting time to it also. I have realized that I should contribute in my own way to the society and therefore I have started educating the needy children.  I have made good friends at the conference and now I am much more socializing. All thanks to LMAD and I make it a point to attend this conference every year.

Stories of Change