Sangita Sarkar - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


One fine evening in May, 2006, Suman my Husband told me about IofC MRA. He took me to Chandreshwar uncle’s house for Tuesday meeting here, first time I heard about the four values or four standards of MRA. My journey started from that day I was introduced by the word called quiet time, quiet time yes I also used to take when tensed and frustrated by the situation by crying and abusing the situation, but quiet time in IofC is totally different.

Its my first experience to see that people share after quiet time, honestly I am not convinced by that. Following the four standards become my passion. Basically I am emotional and very touchy can’t see others in trouble so MRA started becoming my way of life.

I did lot of work for family, society and other individuals but I did not feel like thinking and working for myself but MRA taught me to think about what you are doing, thinking, reacting to others etc. I am not a regular doer of quiet time honestly. But my instant spark of thought which is so accurate that’s make me feel god has some plan which he execute through me.

I have participated in many program of IofC but which touches me most was that all type of youth program. Specially Lmad workshop here in Jamshedpur is an Awesome experience, and moreover meeting with Viral Bhayia is WOW!

Thanks again to Suman, Rijav Bhayia and ex-principal of NML-KPS Mrs Moushami Das. Because of them I got the chance to participate in that program. Next is the biggest changing milestone for me attending the December workshop? Really only in that workshop I understood about quiet time and how to take it.

Can you imagine 30 prolong hours of quiet time and true sharing from the core. Change started boosting me from inside I did lot of work in my school in reverse situation, people are against me but this small voice guided me.

I am feeling confident that I can walk against odds. Thanks to all………

Lastly thanks to my family members. It’s really great I am blessed by my in-laws and specially the support and care which I get from Suman and his family members.

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