Rajan Bajaj - Katni, Madhya Pradesh


I am Rajan Bajaj from Katni (M.P.) I am associated with this conference for the last two years. With studies, I am in college first year. My journey before LMAD and after LMAD So if I talk about myself before attending the conference I was a person with less confidence, with less courage and so much of negativity. But those 8 days 1 June - 8 June were the most important and memorable day of my life. The environment of the place (Asia plateau) from the first day started adding positivity in me. Waking up early morning, quiet time, all the sessions and the people around me, made me think about what I am, to see inside me and judge myself on the principles we were taught. It made me clear about everything in my life, the decisions I make, the things I did or I have to do. Also previously I had fear of speaking on stage in front of so many people, and with that stage I gathered the courage to speak in front of people and gave me confidence, confidence for everything in my life. The sessions made me think about what is my purpose of life, what i am for. Also, it made me realized how wrong I was and how correct I could be. Those 8 days were full package of positivity and learnings. The friends I made there are were also awesome. After the LMAD conference, it was a great task to continue with the same routine but following the path based on the four principles and being with them is for a lifetime. Even now when I make decisions or I am stressed or even if I am full of negativity, I always think of those 8 days the learning I have learned, the positivity I have gained which always help me in every way of my life. Thanks a lot to the team for allowing me to be at that place and make me learn so much of good things.

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