Nirmal Kartha - Pune, Maharashtra


About Nirmal Kartha

My name is Nirmal Kartha and I am from Pune. I am a diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering and will be continuing with my degree in the following academic year.

Nirmal Kartha's Story of Change

I came to AP for the first time in 2013. I had absolutely no idea what the Youth Conference was about. I was completely blank as to what was going to happen in these 8 days. But the moment I entered the gate I felt this wave of energy and I was excited for something I had no idea about.

We were asked to evaluate our lives with the 4 principles of MRA - Purity , Honesty, Unselfishness and Love. I had never looked within and introspected like I did that day and I was shaken. That’s when this incredible journey of mine started. I learnt so much and my outlook towards every aspect of my life changed forever. With every passing day I learnt so much.

All throughout the conference I could only think about how I had always failed my parents; especially my father. With all my cheating and dishonesty, I had let them down and broken their trust from time to time. But after the family day, when by simple sharing I realized how I had always assumed them to stick around and had taken them for granted. I had never felt this way before, thinking from their perspective filled my eyes with tears and it all hit me.

I made it a point to never do the same again. All I do today, I always make sure that my parents are happy.

MRA and it's teachings has given me so much joy and has always helped me to get to my answers.

Stories of Change