Bhargav Hasurkar - Ahmedebad, Gujarat




Hi, I am Bhargav Hasurkar. I am an advocate whose practice is spread across India and I am one of the leading corporate litigation strategy consultants and practitioners in the country. 

My story of change is intense and challenging. I was first introduced to IofC in 2020 when I attended a virtual youth conference organized by IofC-LMAD and from there I began my inner journey by practicing moments of quiet reflection. This enabled me to become conscious and aware of myself. I had an inner urge to get to know myself and reflect on myself.  There is always a constant need to manage anger and work stress issues. While one must always work towards achieving excellence on the professional front, our attention is shifted from the self. What I observed was that one’s own self is the most neglected chapter in today’s world. We do not feel the need to take a step inside. One continues to grow outward and achieving new horizons becomes a child’s play. However, within us, grows a void that can only be filled by constantly applying the methods and values of IofC-LMAD.  I consider my story of change as living proof of the effectiveness of LMAD’s way of life. 


Along with the four values of PURITY, HONESTY, UNSELFISHNESS & LOVE, I find it very important to be in a state of constant awareness, as without it, application of these values becomes a mere formality. My biggest take away from LMAD is the self-belief that one has the ability to find answers and solution to anything and everything. All one has to do is to seek guidance from the inner voice. Our conscious is infallible. Practicing regular quite time has made me realize the true meaning of living. My quite time diary is what made the difference in my perspective. Regular practice of quite time has enabled me to ponder and realize the true purpose of my life. 

This Diwali, while I was visiting friends and family, I strongly advocated the importance of having a cracker-free Diwali. While others continued to light crackers, I was able to persuade some to follow me and give up crackers and celebrate Diwali as a festival of lights and lamps. I was able to create a small difference in the lives of others through this simple example. A small change was put into motion. We must therefore continuously strive to lead by example and not be weary of the magnitude of impact. 

I am also a part of the Content and sessions creation team that has recently been inaugurated. This team works towards developing new and varied sessions on issues that are relevant to today’s youth. LMAD believes in creating change, so it also believes that evolution is inevitable. Evolution and change are analogous and therefore cannot exist in isolation. The work of LMAD give us an opportunity to touch and change lives of others for a better and sustainable future. The journey of creating change has become an integral part of my life and so will continue to do so forever. 


Stories of Change

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