Vishwam Thakar - Nagpur, Maharashtra


When I was in my late teens i was awestruck when i saw some of the amazing pictures of my friends at LMAD on social media and wished to visit the place and have a great vacation. But later the same youth conference which also happened to be my first encounter with LMAD was held at Nagpur.

The concept and it's ideology really touched the deeper sentiments in me. It really helped me understand the external factors and the forces that drive me. It helped me understand what's right and wrong for me. In simple words it helped me grow as a better individual and make correct decisions. When i attended the regional YC I felt I was in an age that was quite influential and LMAD'S ideology helped me make my choices and I must say to be specific, correct choices.

And as rightly said  "Agar tum kisi chiz ko dil se chaho toh puri kaynat tume usse milna ki saziz karti hai " and this happened with me. After the regional conference I always wanted to visit  the Asia Plateau to attend the youth conference. I was a part of YC 2016 held at panchgani and the experience cannot be written down in words. The positivity and the energy that I carried after the conference was at its peak. And what adds on to the journey is you carry a load full of memories and amazing friends for life.

One statement which can conclude the experience for me-"A vacation turned into a learning for life."

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