Vedang - Pune, Maharashtra


" I got introduced to the MRA in mid April by one of our family friend. I had given my 10th and I had nothing to do in the holidays. So I needed something different to counter my boredom. As soon as I entered the Asia plateau for the first time I felt a different (in a sense of positive and curious ones)vibes gushing through me. Fresh air, trees, flowers, birds and smiling and welcoming staff was spectacular experience.

As I went with a group in the MRA, somewhere inside me I had this feeling that I just have to be with 'em. But, the ice breaking incident happened on a very same day. I met one girl name Papeeha and she is the most enthusiastic, Sanguine and Jolly participant Mra would ever experience *Lol*.

I had absolutely no idea what this conference was all about. As days were passing, it was like they were opening my mind and taught me lots of things. Firstly, I was a introvert and wouldn't share much of the things with the new people. Few days later as the people were exchanging thoughts and problems I started to open up a bit. Second,  the Wash ups and the group discussions taught me to do a team work and keeping our ego aside for achieving a common goal.

Third thing, Quiet time was the best thing happened to me. I used to fear to speak up a truth and used to subdue the inner voice and truth of mine with ego and dishonesty either to impress others or to keep up my false impression. Quiet time gave me a golden chance to listen up to the coming voice from inside. It was a kind of epiphany. And I started feeling light day after day from within as I was jotting down the thoughts of a conscience in a diary. Forth thing, I had an attitude of a selective perception and selfishness means I used to listen to whatever used to suit my ego, other things which didn't suit I used to drop that thing out of my other ear, and I had this thought that I have none business with others. It taught me to listen up others patiently and to be a sympathised person. Last but not least thing was that always follows your heart and do whatever your inner voice tells you to do. This last thing till date I am striving to implement it, and I know I will."


Stories of Change