Tanvi Shaha - Pune, Maharashtra


At some point in our lives, all of us want some MAGIC; some miracle, to fix our problems or to bring us joy or just to guide us through our journeys.

For me, that MAGIC happened at Asia plateau. I was going through a rough patch in my life where everything around me was crumbling simultaneously. My relationships were one string away from tearing; my grades were one assignment away from a year down and my health was as bad as that of an old person. The choices I was making seemed to get me closer to self-destruction every day.

That is when i got an opportunity to attend the LMAD conference at Asia Plateau.

It was always very hard for me to accept myself and spend time to actually get to know my soul; but away from the city life, in the beautiful campus of Asia plateau, I found my MAGIC. In the quiet time, I started to realize things about myself and everything that was going wrong, and also what was going right with my life. In my heart, I found gratitude, forgiveness, and so much joy.

I realised that I am the only person who is with me since I was born and the one that will accompany me till I die. So it was really important for me to find some time to listen to my conscience and to find whatever answer or inspiration I required, by regularly following quiet time.

We all grow up only once and it’s our first time doing so, in this process we make so many mistakes, wrong choices and decisions. Sometimes we need to hear this situation from someone who has been through the same thing or just listen to what they have to say to help us find a solution. The group discussion really helped me. It was my own small circle of trust.

All the sessions by Viral Sir helped me in self-reflection and the stories from our fellow students, both inspired us to be extraordinary while making sure that we don’t repeat our or someone's else's mistakes. 

I also found and built many friendships here with extremely genuine and amazing fellow students, for life. 

Stories of Change