Shraddha More - Thane, Maharashtra


There at the reception, it all started. I was accompanied by my Mom and Naniji. When they took us to lunch, my mom was worried and asked for all the security precautions about the Youth Conference. There, there we got this faith in the place which got all of us together.

2014 was the year I came for the first time. I still remember the shy version of me which was absolutely low on confidence, had many broken relationships and literally had so much to work on. I wont say that the conference gave me this boost of confidence but it did teach me some of the ebullient morals of life. After returning back from the Youth Conference, I tried to implement all of them, though I was unable to practice them in the absolute manner.

I did an attempt to create that change in me and the results were so amazing that they brought me here again. People who have met me earlier clearly could see the difference in me. This time other than just thinking about myself I tried talking to as many people as possible to know their stories and experiences and that did inspire me a lot for myself. Now when I look back on myself, I can easily see how LMAD had built me into a better version of myself. After coming here, for second time, I could sense that till now I was just prepared for the race and there was still a long path to cover on the basis to improve myself for a better life in future.

Stories of Change