Rachana Mahajan - Pune, Maharashtra


I am Rachana Mahajan from Pune. My first Youth Conference was in the year 2007, right after completing my 10th Std. I came to know about this conference through my family friends. At that time, I was just out of my school life which I had spent very safely in the shadow of my parents. I am so thankful to them for sending me to this conference.

I remember that on the first day of the YC, I was so confused and scared after looking at all the youth around me, talking and smiling. I thought, “Will they talk to me? Will they laugh with me? Will I be able to talk with them?” and many more such questions. But gradually as the conference progressed, I started feeling comfortable with them and talked and smiled along with them. In that conference I made many friends, the kind that I did not have at my school. They were from various countries all over the world. They were extremely caring, and gave me the respect which I was not getting at school. I felt so comfortable and I felt that, “Yes, there are some people around me who can listen to me and understand me.” And the most amazing part of it is that they are all still in touch with me.

I have attended all the youth conferences from 2007. I have learnt so much in all these years. The values have helped me live my life in a much better way than before. These four values - Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love (PHUL) are like the four columns on which the multistory building of my life stands, the floors of which are increasing year after year.

During this process, I became a coordinator which has been a very big achievement for me. I have also been attending the December workshop since the year 2010 which has also given a good positive turn to my life. I became extremely focused in life and have started working hard by first setting small goals, achieving them and climbing these small steps in order to achieve that ultimate goal that I have set for myself.

Now there is always a big smile on my face and that too with with confidence. My friends feel comfortable with me and share their happy and sad moments with me. After looking at my progress, some of my friends have been so inspired that they say they also want to be just like me - happy, relaxed, confident and I can see them changing like me. It gives me pure happiness that I am being a reason of change for someone and I hope that they inturn will be a reason of change for someone else.

When this chain of changing others by changing one’s own self will go ahead, one day the whole world will change in a positive direction with the help of the four values that I mentioned above. This has been and always will be the biggest achievement of LMAD.

On a final note I would just like to express one statement, “One Personal Change = Global Change.”
Thank you Viral Bhai and LMAD for being the reason for the change my life. Thank you.

Rachana Mahajan

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