Pyusha Dalmia - Mumbai, Maharashtra


Like a lot of people, I came to Lmad expecting just a short getaway to a beautiful hill station and mostly because my friend forced me to. And like a lot of other people, I came back to Mumbai with much more than I had bargained for.

I honestly believed that my life was close to perfect and that I did not need changes worth taking any troubles. It's difficult to explain what happened, how it happened and when the realisation finally came upon, but I knew two things. 1) just how wrong I had been 2) how much more I needed. Just 8 days spent well, with yourself, away from the chaos and competition gives you a certain clarity you can't get elsewhere. More importantly, the Lmad coordinators guide you through the entire process which was even more necessary. The idea is simple, and yet complicated while explaining. You have to experience it for yourself. If you just give it a chance, it is more powerful than all the motivational books, movies, scripts you can find on the internet. Also, I made a few life long friends, and of course had a wonderful time.

About me, I made the changes I had decided I would. Some of them came through, some didn't. I'm still working on myself, it doesn't stop. But I'm glad the process started from here. 

Pyusha Dalmia

Stories of Change