Priyal Rohra - Chennai, Tamil Nadu


My first youth conference was in 2014, where I was bottled up with a lot of emotions like guilt of not sharing few things with my mother, ego and jealousy against few people, doubt whether I will be able to complete any task properly, fear of taking responsibility.

Quiet Time was the best path through which I learnt how to reflect and accept my weakness.

Back to my routine, I took a stand for myself and over quiet time practice built up the courage to and tell my mother whatever I was to share since 2011.

Giving time to my family in the evening, listening to them post dinner, sharing my thoughts, it feels good when my parents look up to me for new ideas and view points of certain situations. Bonding with my brother has been a beautiful experience, instead of fighting over silly things we share our problems and help each other.

Ego my favorite word, didn’t sound good after the youth conference. I started appreciating people the way they are and trying to see the best in them.

Journey with the LMAD family has been very beautiful, and it has made it so easy for me to be more responsible and not leave any doubt on my mind. I have started seeing every challenge as a new opportunity to improve my skills and even learn new skills. This is just the start of a better version of me.

Stories of Change