Preyas Gursal - Mumbai, Maharashtra


I have always had the opinion that as a person there are going to be abundant events with a strong impact on me. Turns out, that’s not completely true; only a few experiences have the ability to bring about a change in us. LMAD successfully delivered this thought to me.

Fortunately enough, I never questioned if attending such an event would be a right choice when my father first introduced it to me. At times surrendering to an idea and hoping for the best outcome is all you can do. This I know without any doubts; spending time here has refined my faith in positive ideas.

The very atmosphere of Asia Plateau triggered my thought process. Every activity of the conference was equally intriguing. I was getting absorbed by something deeply emotional. This event provided me the platform where I could express my thoughts in an unbiased & articulate manner.

In my Quiet Time I discovered there was more to me than I could ever have imagined. Asia plateau has a personality of its own. Evaluating myself based on concepts of PHUL in this serene environment gave me impeccable judgment of myself. While everyone is so focused on career & financial wealth, we often ignore the ethical aspects of life such as Purity of Thoughts, Honest Nature, Unselfish Deeds & relations based on Unconditional Love. I came across many amiable & compassionate individuals who inspired me. Interaction with various guest speakers showed me how one can align their passion with the betterment of the people around them.

This process helped me listen to my inner voice. While contemplating on Family Day, I realized I had never taken a moment to be grateful for all the unconditional love & support my family has given me. My bond with my family grew stronger than ever. I also learnt to root out most of the negative aspects of my life.

I find it so difficult to focus in routine world, that I never got the chance to direct my thinking on one particular thought and clear my doubts about it. However in the final stage of the conference, the activities helped me decide what kind of a person I wanted to become. The focused approach gave me solution to the dilemma related to my career choice & goals. Clearing my mind assisted me in taking determined decisions and draft the path for my future.

After attending Youth Conference twice, I had opportunity to assist with the Baramati Youth Conference. My journey from being a participant to the part of LMAD family is one of the best things that happened to me. Representing LMAD recently in Uttar Pradesh gave me an unconventional exposure to the work of LMAD .It has changed my perspective about life and I am looking forward to extend my role as a volunteer for the twenty fifth youth conference.

All things considered, the time invested has made me realize that there is more than chasing perfection. I keep coming back here to be better than before and face bigger challenges. If we are as efficient with our thought process and time thoughout our life, I am certain that we can bring a positive change within us and our society on a larger scale.

Stories of Change