Parv Surana - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


As Every teenage person, even I had ego, a whole book of lies and a self centered personality. I use to fight, lie, argue etc, with my father and over the time of 2-3 years I didn’t realized that I build a huge wall between us and destroyed our father-son relationship. I was completely a bad-ass boy, with all those fake friends and fame. I use to party every single day till 4-5am and then use to come home drunk and then fight with my father over my lifestyle, when I use to think this is so cool and every single night club of my city use to know me very well and I thought this is what life is and I use to feel top of the world and all other fake fame things.

But In 2017 starting I had a really Big fight with my friends and I had a breakup of 4 years of relationship. I was all destroyed and in Pieces as any other teenage kid. After spending a month in depression one of my school senior suggested me about Lmad and it’s principles. I took it as a joke and as I was searching for a break from life I went to Lmad for the first time. The journey of 8 days can only be shared in feelings and not by words. I still don’t know what striked me on family day (6th day) and changed my life to a whole new positive journey. I cried in front of almost 300 people for more than 2 hours continuously and the most important part is that 5 days ago I don’t even knew any single one of them. But the way they supported me that day and special Lmad team, these people become my family and very close to my heart.

The things I learned in Lmad was no more a joke to me and the learnings of Lmad brought real change in my life. It took me another 6 months to rebuild my relations with my father and family. I got new friends and the real ones. Now my father is my real best friend and getting his support I can surely conquer the whole world out there.

It is just not about the 8 days you spend at Lmad, but when you apply the teachings of 8 days in your day to day life, there the magic happens. I still have a lot of bad things in me, I still couldn’t quit smoking, but I’m trying, I’m learning, I’m applying Lmad values and my journey is just begun.

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