Parth Gala - Mumbai, Maharashtra


The day I was asked to write my story of change, I had a quiet time introspecting me. About how Lmad has shaped my life. It gave me a clear picture of what I was and what I am.

The day I entered Asia Plateau I had no clue what was all it about. Just sent there telling you will experience something wonderful. I was introduced to my inner voice. Instead of experiencing something wonderful it was full of greed, selfishness and hatred. The Jar exercise gave a clear picture of the blocks I have and how it has been affecting me. It showed me a clear picture how ego can influence an individual.

At my early age I was taught from my mom, "there is nothing worse than breaking someones heart" and I had been doing this with many people.

My inner voice gave me courage to seek for their forgiveness and also rebuilt my relation with them. There has been phenomenal change in the relationship I share with my family, relatives and friends.

Detailing of the whole conference teached me how even small things affected my life. For instance" The day I was gonna travel to Panchgini I got late due to some unforeseen factors. I asked my father to help me reach my bus stop at % in the morning. He asked no questions and ensured i reached on time. In return I just gave him a Hug which made his entire day smiling."

Sometimes in life you need someone who will hold your hand tight and tell go on if you don't do it right i am always here to kick your ass. Well This conference also gifted me a true mentor which ensured that i will excel what so ever the situation that be.

The balloon exercise has always helped me with my anger and ego. Now I believe saying a "Sorry" OR "Thankyou" wont make me big or small but ensure that the person respects me more.  I would like to conclude inner voice is like my true friend giving me true advice's. I really thank Lmad for shaping me up and thank Viral sir for this wonderful change in my life. 

Stories of Change