Paritosh Galani - Katni, Madhya Pradesh


My journey with IoFC LMAD started in 2019. I came to know about this conference from my sister, who has been attending this conference for the last three years and wished that I should be a part of it too.

So this is how it started. When I reached Asia plateau I had no idea about what's going to happen over there. How I was going to live without my phone for eight days, with only strangers around. Yes, it was like a big challenge for me. This was when a guy came up to me and told me not to worry, that it's going to be fun. "Just surrender yourself to this conference for the next eight days."

My first quiet time wasn't fruitful as I didn't take it seriously but from the next day onwards, I realized the importance of quiet time. It's one of the things in my life that gives me solace. Before this conference, I was very short-tempered and later used to regret my behavior. My ego is the reason why many relations in my life are not the same anymore.

Quiet time has been an enlightenment in my life; helping me to overcome my short-tempered nature. Also, it has helped me to prioritize my relations over my ego.

Asia plateau contains a sense of magic within it. I spent eight days of my life there. Today I see a different person in the mirror, a better version of myself. I earned my friends back and have learned how to love myself before others. I feel blessed with my life because of LMAD.

Paritosh Galani

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