Nehal Kumath - Mumbai, Maharashtra


The seven days of the year that I spent at Asia Plateau have been with me through out the rest of the year and my life as well. I cannot begin to describe how overwhelming it was to be a part of LMAD. Initially,when I was introduced to the idea of going for LMAD I was not sure if I wanted to go to Asia Plateau. But during the course of those seven days , I have become open to so many new ideas, people, values and learning new things. After the conference I did not feel like leaving the place. The place is so pure and vibrant and the people are so warm.

I learnt many things and most of which I take with me as a life lesson. I have learnt to abide by some principles and standards that LMAD made me set for myself. Moreover I have become a better person over this one year. I saw myself grow and become a bigger person and a more understanding human.

LMAD made me feel grateful for a wonderful life that I'm living now. Not to forget the friends I made there have become more like family. Everyone including Viral sir and the volunteers, made me feel so comfortable that I had that urge to keep going back to Asia Plateau time and again.

The values I've learnt at LMAD are going to stay with me and I would love to pass them to others . I discovered myself, my career and what I want in life through LMAD.

There is no conference like LMAD and I am so glad to have been a part of this conference.

Stories of Change