Mitaksha Raswant - New Delhi


I got introduced to LMAD through my dad in 2013, who had gone to attend the Air India conference at Asia Plateau.

My father shared his experience of the conference and wanted me to experience its ideology for myself. And ever since, there has been no looking back.

Youth Conference has always been an amazing learning experience for me and has proved to be an eye opener, where I got to know my true self.

LMAD has helped me value my relationships with others which I had been taking for granted. And I am working towards improving them every single day.

The program LMAD and Asia plateau the place itself helps me take a pause from this everyday running around and reflect back which is a little difficult to do. It makes me unplug from everything else and makes me be in sync with my inner voice.

Being with myself and by practising not so regular quiet time (another thing am trying to improve on) made me realise how I wanted to give back to the community and this thought lead me to be a part of the Youth for India fellowship’16 and head towards pursuing my masters in psychology which I wasn’t so keen on before.

It’s going to be a beautiful journey of constant positive change and I am glad LMAD’s idea is now a part of me, which I would share wherever I go.

Stories of Change