Manjari Singh - Kolkata, West Bengal


My story of change is a real example of LMAD's  true success in making someone a butterfly. When I first came I was very scared for the fact that how these 8 years are we going to deal with out my cell phone and moreover giving up my DSLR was another big task for me . This place seem to have some magic that purified everyone's soul and dropped the whole concept of judgments and ego down. The beauty of this place was when each and every different kind of person approached each and every person and interacted with them. For 3 days I was completely blank for what is going on in my mind because more than thoughts there were confusions which did not give me clear thought so I could not write them down in my quiet time. I still remember the first day when it was too quiet I cried badly at the corner of the staircase because all that came in my mind was negative thoughts, negative deeds and negativity which I had in myself and I did to others.

Quiet time made me realise of what all I have done in my life which was not to be done. On the 4th day of quiet time I realised that it's time that I improve all these mistakes and I started getting solutions to my problems. When it came to the group discussions of my group Happiness for once I just wanted to feel light and wanted to unburden myself. It had been good 20 years of my life where I did not share a single thing about my problems with anybody because I thought they would not understand. But with the great comfort and care provided by my coordinators and fellow group mates I gained the courage to speak in front of 300 people. Later when I said everything about me and my problems in the group I did not really expect anyone to understand it but with understanding the problem they also felt it with the same intensity as I go through, that was the best part. The change that happened to me was I started to trust people again, somewhere a ray of hope grew in me again and I started smiling again with my heart.

It's not that problems in life have an end as soon as you overcome your old problems. There are always new problems for you hence I am very thankful to LMAD because they helped me overcome the major problems of my life and now they have made me a stronger person. A person who is ready to go through anything in life because I have trust and hope in LMAD whose doors for me will never close. I changed into a more beautiful person than what I was before. I feel happier from inside and I believe in inner happiness more than outside happiness. And most importantly to change I did not fight with the old me instead I focused on to build a new person that's how I was successful to be a better person than what I was. LMAD you are the bird I held for a moment that made me feel what it was like to be free in the sky.

Stories of Change