Kusum Sukhwani - Katni, Madhya Pradesh


My neighbor in Katni had told me about the LMAD youth conference and I was intrigued by the concept and wanted to experience it firsthand. Apart from the beauty of the campus and the pleasant weather, the people was what made it such an eventful experience. The volunteers were so easy to approach that I ended up opening up about things that I didn't dare share with anyone else. Letting all that out felt really good. It made me realize that the simple act of listening to someone could make a huge difference.

The act of sitting with myself every morning and pondering over my actions made such a significant difference. I thought of things that I usually wouldn't have given a second thought to. This made me realize that I hadn't been honest to the people around me and that they deserved the truth. I had made a list of people to go and talk to when I got back from the conference. Doing the same thing enriched my relationship with those people. Writing in a diary was a habit that I used to have even before the conference but the meaningful words that I wrote in those seven days encourages me even today.

6th of June - family day - stood out for me as that was when I realized that no matter how many friends and people I had in my life, family is constant and family is permanent. This different outlook I started having towards them made a world of a difference after the conference got over.

The conference also gave me the courage to convert the things I put on paper into action. The people I met at the conference showed immense confidence in me and they made sure I was a doer; not only a thinker. The relation that I built with these people came as a surprise to me. From being complete strangers, they now are like family to me.

I had the privilege to attend the December workshop in 2018. The level of teaching in the workshop made me rethink a lot of things that I believed all my life. It gave me clarity as to how I can handle some tough situations in my life then. It made me realize that keeping the people that mattered close to me and spending less time with the ones that dragged me down would make a world of a difference. The time I spent there helped me build a roadmap towards the goals that I had made for myself but never acted on. I realized that this process was so significant in my life that I would definitely want to contribute towards the work of LMAD so that many people can experience the same.

Stories of Change