Kedar Kiran Ghonsikar - Pune, Maharashtra


I was introduced to LMAD, at a very crucial stage of my life when I turned 19, in 2014 by my father Mr. Kiran Ghonsikar, working in one of a leading Italian MNCs in the country, who happened to visit Asia Plateau along with a fellow colleague.

Least did I know what LMAD was about when I first stepped on Asia Plateau on 1st June 2014, for LMAD YC 2014. But, during the course of those 8 days, things went on unfolding smoothly and I gradually caught the essence of LMAD.

There comes a point of time in life where we need to lay a strong foundation for our growth as a human being, and for advancement of our life towards the righteous direction. This foundation can be laid only by strong perseverance towards appropriate values. Unfortunately we live in a world where values are blemishing day by day. LMAD enlightened me with these values and most essentially, a pathway to implement them in life. It is important for us to scrutinize our karma against a particular set of ethics and moral values, which help us get an unambiguous picture of what is right and what is wrong. LMAD made me realise the importance of self-introspection, which is a process of examining oneself in a deeper sense for all possible loop holes within the character, which need to be filled in the right time.

As a teenager I have had my own muddles, many times I found myself in a state of dilemma. In such a crucial stage of life, people often tend to get carried away by the wrong choices, and so did I. There is no “right” or “wrong” as such, there is only the wrong which is set to ‘default’, as a result of the bad amity of people we put up with, and, beyond doubt we are blind enough not to realise it! Fairly so, as a teenager I have had a good bulk of wrong choices I made and a few inimical habits I inculcated. At this critical stage of having a juvenile temperament towards situations in life, LMAD marked a huge turning point, as a sequel to which elevation began. It is important for us to undergo a paradigm shift to understand and feel the process of self-introspection, to understand and reflect upon the nuisance we have unknowingly created within us. Mr. Viral Majumdar made this paradigm shift happen in my thought process through his lectures.

I am thankful to the universe, that LMAD came to me as a complete package, which helped me contemplate, and understand the drawbacks within me. Setting aside the fact that I may have many flaws in me, I have learnt to look within myself and reflect on my inner self to understand what my imperfections are and accept them with a larger perspective, and the process of learning will go on eternally !

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