Karanveer Singh - Sagar, Madhya Pradesh


Change is the reality of life -This was only a caption for me before I came panchgani for 8 days youth conference. I discussed about this conference with my cousin who is been attending this conference from past 3 years, he said that one cannot explain what is happening or has happened to them in the period of those 8 days it can only be felt.

My bags were packed, all preparations done and ready to go with many questions in my mind like how would the food be, how would we be staying etc. I don't know what happened but the change in me started from the very 1st second I stepped into the MRA campus , I was filled with positivity and peace and now I was confident that now something good is going to take place.

The very next day we all were introduced to the concept of quiet time which was really a new thing for me. When I practiced quite time daily I became more observing and got the ability to observe myself carefully and sincerely. I got the ability to rewind my life and tell myself that I was wrong and learn from my past experiences. Before going to the conference I used to spend most of my free time on my phone and its because of IOFC I was away from my phone for 8 days and sincerely speaking in those 8 days I never felt that I didn't have my phone instead the whole environment and activities were so indulging that one has no time fore these things.

Here I learnt speaking in public which was a usally different task for me, I learnt sharing my problems and hearing others. I got new people who took care of me like my family and to whom I can share any thing without any fear of judgement. I was not an interactive person before I never started a conversation with any new person and always waited for them to start it was all because of ego which I didn't even realized how fast it was growing in me, this conference made me realized my mistake and how to lower my ego and improve my broken relations with my friends and family. There's lot which cannot be explained on paper but only be experienced.

Stories of Change