Karan Kale - Pune, Maharashtra


I came to know about IofC LMAD when one of my father’s colleagues told us about it. I have always been excited when it comes to being a part of camps and when I checked IofC’s website, I was all set to be a part of Youth Conference 2014.

The values I learnt at Youth Conference 2014 made sense and I understood that I was taking the people I my life too casually and I need to empathize to understand others and have a positive outlook towards people.

And to be successful, I needed to be courageous and persistent. At Asia Plateau, I was introduced to quiet time. I never knew how quiet time worked but I was a little aware of the effects of practicing it.

I feel that quiet time puts me in a different frame of mind and adds value to my personality and it puts me on the path towards the achievement of peace of mind and contentment as well as as guides me towards attainment of higher level of intelligence. Quiet time teaches me about myself and the things I discover about myself might be observed by others easily but I myself have never thought of. Sometimes it is difficult to accept certain things I discover about myself but I also learnt through quiet time that acceptance of the current version of myself is my first step towards making a better version of myself.

The journey that began in 2014 continues and my pursue towards greater version of myself gives me hope that I can accomplish great things.

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