Kalyani Joshi - Nashik, Maharashtra


Before LMAD

Before attending Youth Conference even I was a regular girl who wasn’t really comfortable talk formally with the strangers. I was always engrossed within myself, like other families my family had some issues too but as for my nature and character it had a really negative impact on me and that’s why I became more negative and the environment of my house always used to be tense so due to all this things I become a lot negative person and started to lose all my confidence.

When I had much trouble in the house rather than helping solve it I used to sit alone and cry. It was very depressing but I got used to it.

From the time I remember, I have always been a shy, reserved child, also unsure and of my abilities to sand out in crowd. Every time I used to go on stage in school, froze with stage fright. Every time I tried taking part in competitions, I never really believed I could win. Even participation was a big effort on part of me an effort subconsciously to establish my own identity. It was almost like I was always searching within me for a better version of me.

Before reaching Asia Plateau I was little bit tensed as to how I will survive those 8 days because my friend never told me about what going to happen there as he wanted me to experience it by myself. I wasn’t sure whether it would be possible for me to interact with total strangers there.


I was not sure how it would help, what actually I was here for but when I reached Asia Plateau came across a good bundle of people from various places everyone were greeting each other and making an attempt to talk.

First day was nice experience then from second day when quite time was introduced I tried to look inside me , I was writing my whole bad memories at that time I cried a lot to came to know the reason of why am I like this introvert negative person and what am I loosing in my life. But when other people sharing their heart touching stories I realized that my problems might not be as big as somebody else’s. Then I started improving myself, LMAD has brought about a huge change in my life. Especially because of the concept of “quite time”. I came to know that introspecting and remembering all positive moments where I have achieved something made me realized that I have been undermining myself and my abilities. All this time I realized that I was searching inspiration in the outside world when it always exited within me.

After LMAD

After reaching home as days passed me and my parents started to see a change in my behavior, the confidence and calmness they saw and that I am improving myself to a better person. Now I can take my own stands, I can help myself and my parents too, to solve the fights between us. I can approach to every situation more confidently and positively than before. Now I settled back to my daily routine. I have become more confident and positive person. I always wish to carry a pure heart and that is what LMAD has served me with.

All thanks to LMAD.LMAD gives me the key of happiness that is “sharing”. All this is only because of LMAD.

Stories of Change