Hetal Rohra - Vadodara, Gujarat


Hi! My name is Hetal Rohra and I am from Vadodara, Gujarat. The first conference which I attended at Iofc- Lmad was in June, 2015 – after completion of my Masters. When it was actually the time to decide the career goals but I was more interested to spend time with my younger brother during those 8 days. He got the reference about the conference from his friend and was about to leave India in a month. Another thing which interests me more was “NO MOBILE PHONES!!” which actually brought curiosity to me that how the life could be without this device! And yes, I wasn’t wanted to lose an opportunity to meet people from around India.

When I entered Asia Plateau, I was totally mesmerized by the beauty of it. Well, I wanted to capture it in my phone but realized that I have to surrender it as per the strict rules. And yes, I felt sad because we four friends were separated with rooms and buildings! But that sadness lasted for few minutes because I easily got along with my roommate which was fun. The day when the concept of “Quiet time” was introduced to us is unforgettable. In the beginning, I didn’t realize its meaning and was wondering why each one of us was separated. But while spending a time alone during Quiet Time, I just wrote “MOM” in my diary and was crying without any reason. A person whom I never valued but always blamed for whatever happened worst to me in every stage of my life. Don’t know why and how but I recalled her in my first quite time. Well, I got my answer for this particular question till the end of the conference.

As I mentioned earlier that I was there after completion of Masters but somewhat unclear about my career goals, the session taken by Bhisham helped me to match my skills with passion and I locked it to go for it. I decided to be an Educator and joined University as a lecturer though. A “Jar Exercise” which Viral bhai conveyed very smoothly by stating their own experience and made me realized a value of Time and a Motivation to achieve Short Term and Long Term Goals along with the priority to relations.

The day to emphasize more over here is a “Family Day”, an Emotional as well as a Self Realization day because today we rarely value our Family and near ones. “Balloon exercise” was mainly focused on our enemy named “EGO” to ruin all the relations! I realized that how much I was entertaining it over hurting my dear ones! And on the other side how easy it was to fly it away via balloon and got relieved from the heavy burden. That feeling is indescribable. I was blessed that day to have my brother beside me whom I wanted to say Sorry for taken him for granted and mainly Thanks to stood by my side whenever I needed. ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thanks’ were the toughest words for me to use for the ones who really care for me.

Apart from these meaningful activities, Group Discussion was uniqueness of the conference. Friendly and caring coordinators were with us to boost us up. In addition, every member of the group was keen to know each other and was good listeners. And gradually this sharing with strangers got converted into friends for life, is mandatory to be mentioned here.

Essential standards: Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love, the easy these seem to be, but hard to follow. But viral bhai gave the direction to apply PHUL in a right way, which deleted the word ‘Impossible’ from my dictionary.

Reluctantly, good days came to an end, the last day of the conference, but I took it as a new beginning so that the way I upgraded myself there, I wanted to implement it in a right way. The things I learnt there, the positivity I brought from the surrounding and the vibes of the fascinating place, the bad habits I burnt there, a relief of forgiveness I experienced, a firm decision to rectify my mistakes, and most important a feeling of peaceful mind - was unbelievable. The way viral bhai respect every single person and profession in his life, I admire him for that too. One promise to me which I committed on the last day was to spread happiness in a true sense and help people around me to follow the standards at some extent.

Before coming to Iofc - Lmad, I was in a belief that I’m a Fearless and Happy-go-lucky person who always have a big smile on her face. But during the conference I proved myself wrong and understood that I’m still an extremely introvert person and haven’t came out of the childhood incident yet! And that was the only reason to distance myself from my Mom. After Lmad, I confessed everything to her without assuming how her reaction could be! To my surprise, this worked and our relationship became transparent and fruitful, that I can keep her in a white balloon. A letter to me has always worked as a powerful weapon to remind me of changed me and the goals I listed out to be accomplished.

After my first conference, I was unable to appear for the next two but somehow managed to go again in June, 2018. This time particularly I went to find the answers to my questions because I resigned from my post as a lecturer in the University after serving there for two years. The work I loved the most, I discontinued with that. But, I had a faith in viral sir and team which brought me there again to find new me. However, this time I loved to be with me than with others. I, in fact, was looking for more than an hour for quiet time to realize more. I was in need of a more meditation because I valued it more this time.

Currently, I’m enjoying my busyness. I am pursuing one certificate course in Health and Fitness Management with my favorite companions my Mom and a childhood friend. Moreover, I have taken up one initiative to provide a practice platform for English speaking, which weakness I recognized in my students while teaching. Along with that, I’m looking to take up volunteer work to educate needy students. With a plan to switch in a Fitness field, luckily I have been offered to take Yoga Classes in an academy and I warmly took this opportunity. With this flexible timetable I’m able to offer help to my papa in his business and my mom in her household chores. I in fact started taking their classes to improve their English. At the end, I’m proud to share that my mom has been a true backbone to help and guide me to take right decisions.

All in all, Lmad journey had been full of surprises, enthusiasm, energy and challenging. There is lot to learn and experience from the people around me yet. And I would definitely not lose a chance to initiate a change and help others wherever and whenever I get one.

Thanks to every single person who is associated with Lmad to help me find my right track and to brought change in me.

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