Heena Barhate - Pune, Maharashtra


Here is my journey after LMAD.

After my 12th grade and my admission into a college; I needed a break from everything and wanted to try something new; that's when I was introduced to LMAD. The place and the atmosphere had already started making me feel special, thus making me even more curious about the upcoming eight days. Before I could even realise, I was talking to new people, having great discussions and making lots of friends. That's how my journey of finding and understanding myself began. With the help of Quiet time, I reflected upon my journey till then and preparing myself for an even beautiful journey ahead.

This place has helped me find a new Heena inside - one who helps me with anything and everything; is always there for support, motivates me in hard times, talks with me, demands me to change for the better and also appreciate all the good that is present.  It's like I have a friend to guide me 24*7. It might sound a little crazy about me talking to myself and the idea about another Heena but It's given me the power to take charge of any situation I am in and be strong. We get so absorbed during the day that sometimes we get lost somewhere and don't know what will help us in moving towards what we really want. Understanding myself also gave me a chance to understand other people and connect with them, thus making me value all my relationships. The inner me keeps guiding me with the right and wrong choices and helps me in moving ahead to become a better version of myself. Initially, I used to have a lot on my mind about what I wanted in my life and was a little slow towards my goals. This journey made me prioritise my tasks and my work and has made me move faster towards my goals. It helped me get a clear glimpse of what I need and what my goals are, what kind of life I want to live, how I can grow myself every day and how I can give back to the society. One of the most important improvements, if I must say, is expressing myself. Expressing and sharing about what I feel with others started with me writing in a beautiful pure white diary which is a collection of my memories at LMAD and my reflections during quiet time. 

I thank LMAD for giving me a way to express myself and becoming a better person

Heena Barhate

Stories of Change