Harshwardhan Mishra - Rourkela, Odisha


“ .. while trying to live life in an ‘ethical’ manner, I had retrogressed into becoming self-righteous”. This had made me very judgmental over a period of time - even with my family. In 2003, when Rajiv (Goenka) bhai first told me about “Moral Re-armament” and its dynamic Youth director, I remember having said something like “Let’s see, who has to learn from whom”. Things were such that I had not talked to my younger brother, Ashok for more than 5 years. I was not on good talking terms with my father and some other relatives either. By the 4th day of my first LMAD youth conference, I had realized the value of human relations. Having heard stories of individuals, I too had melted. Being ‘humane’ was as important as being ‘correct’.

LMAD 2003 was a milestone in my life and was so powerful that while returning back we had already decided to create the same magic of LMAD, Asia Plateau in our region too. The inspiration was to reach out to people who can’t reach Panchgani and constant assurance of the IofC - Lmad National team. With time, many new hands joined too and the LMAD program in Odisha, named ‘’Prayas: Let’s make a difference’’ still flourishes. This was another kind of experience from LMAD where anything was possible once you take responsibility for a cause.

One of my thought-lines consistent since school days was Nationalism and Unity amongst all my countrymen for common good. Generally, various organizations tend to champion the cause of one or the other group identified on the basis of some kind of man-made identity. Mra-IofC offers that common platform where people genuinely come together as equals, irrespective of any artificial identity. The unique opportunity and encouragement for self-introspection gives each one, their own tool for constantly assessing one’s journey. L-m-a-d is making new attempts at bridging the divides in the society which seem to be feeding on the chaos in the present socio-political environment. The realization of one’s essential goodness and humility is huge in every individual who comes in touch with Mra-IofC and its good result in the public domain is immensely evident when some functionary of a state or a leader comes in its touch. Such influences have changed the course of history in many instances.

Mra-IofC is not actively engaged in all fields of public concern today but it always stands as the eternal fountain of hope and love from which we all can come and fill our empty containers. It always stands as the Pole Star based on which we all can re-align our compass during our respective journeys. I think it is a responsibility on all of us to preserve and promote this fountain and pass it on to the next person much cleaner and brighter - all this, by becoming examples ourselves.

Stories of Change