Ethical Leadership Series



With regular interaction with Corporate houses and Government representatives, it seems evident that growing market and society conditions has created a vacuum of ethical leaders in Corporate and Public Offices.  Several managers and senior executives compromise on their core values to meet either their perceived version of organizational goals or several times fall victims to their own greed. Over the last 20 years, inspite of intrinsic and extrinsic regulations,  globally and locally there have been consistent examples of fraudulent activities in corporate governance, auditing, favoritism,  etc. Before these events become endemic and result in systematic failures to investors, citizens and society, it must be corrected at its roots. In this journey we have launched an exhaustive Ethical Leadership series, which will infuse selected representatives from Business Schools, Trainees from IAS, IPS, and Armed Forces with core values of Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness and Love with constant introspection for a self-check. 

The Ethical Leadership Series aims to inspire and motivate the participants to help them realise their inner strengths, to strengthen their value system and lead in the objectives contributing towards a cleaner, calmer and a fairer world. We hope to instill ethical leadership qualities so they may become effective leaders of our Country. To achieve this, we take the participants on an inward journey wherein they introspect and understand themselves better thus helping them to initiate changes in their lives to make a difference. 

Participants will be spending several hours introspecting, and seeking inner guidance based on the foundation of sustaining values such as Honesty, Purity, Love and Unselfishness. They will interact and share their personal journeys to align with these values and be closer to their conscience. We have been successful in ensuring that the bond built within these participants is long lasting and provides inspiration to one another and enables a change within each one’s life. 

Since 1995, we have been extremely successful with thousands of youth to inculcate a wakeup call towards their responsibilities as a citizen and bring sense of accountability for the future of the country. 

Ethical Leadership Series will have participants from the top 30 Business Schools. IAS Academy and Armed Force Institutions, we hope that institute selects four to five representatives every year. Annexure I provides some of the brief criteria these representatives have consistently exhibited. This conference will be a three day residential conference, with our experience we are confident that a residential conference with long durations of introspection, sharing and inspiring bring an experience of change that is at much deeper level, its an opportunity for us to show how it is possible to live with values and share in-depth our own stories of change. We can then ensure that the participants build bond that is sustainable. 

Each team which represents respected academic institution will split into different groups and rooms to ensure homogeneous gathering. There will be no competition where each institute representatives will be pegged at others. We hope that this sense of competition of aligning with ethical standards is exhibited in their careers outside the Conference that will bring true sense of achieving academic excellence with moral foundation. 

Each participant will get a chance to personally interact with several Ethical Leaders who head corporate houses and Public Offices. We choose to keep their names confidential to respect the request citied by them. We deeply thank them for their humble generosity and support. Every student is a representative and brand ambassador of your institute; we must ensure that when they occupy key positions in corporate, society or public office, they exhibit the best of values and leadership. This will bring great credibility to the institute and to the faculties who have nurtured them. Once the student leaves the institute, our diverse network  of youth, will ensure that the bond built continues beyond their stay in the institute, this bond will inspire them to lead the path of “leading by example” and inspire others who want to embark on this ethical journey.


Ethical leadership series will be conducted for 4 days at Asia Plateau every year. We expect a selected participation of 120 people. They will represent several key academic institutions such as top 30 Business Schools, IAS Academy and Armed Forces Institutions.