Chirag Samtani - Coonoor, Tamil Nadu


When I arrived at Asia plateau, Panchgani, I had no idea what was in store for me, what that beautiful place had to offer. Here I am, after the conference, with hope. Hope for myself, hope for the world. I used to think that all is lost, the world is moving in a direction that is heading nowhere. After meeting the people from LMAD, people from various backgrounds, people with so much positivity, that changed. My perspective of the world changed.

My thoughts about how I wanted to spend my life were something like this: I thought I would pursue my career and after I earned money, I would contribute back to the society by joining groups that try and bring about  a positive change in society. But after sessions in the conference like "The power of vision" and "The power of one”, I realized that I could combine these things and make that my career instead. It was such a simple thing that I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before. That is what the conference did, point out all the small but significant things that were missing in my life. That was one of the biggest highlights for me.

Waking up early for those 8 days was so refreshing that I continued doing so after I got back. Quiet time, going on long walks, meeting new people every day, talking to people who I hardly knew about things that I thought I would never say out loud, sitting in the hall for the 'Om mane padme hum' chant, serving people meals and washups with my group are all memories that will stay with me forever.

The people, the coordinators, the participants, Viral sir, my roommates, everyone present there were so kind and selfless that the whole experience was serene. The conference has definitely made a big impact on me and I think that the others thought so too! Looking forward to participating and contributing to conferences in the future!


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