Bhumit Malani - Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Hi Everyone, I am Bhumit from Indore.

Before I attended the LMAD Youth conference, I was someone who didn’t manage his time well, was serious about nothing and took a very casual approach towards life. This lax approach was also there towards my relationships.

After I attended the conference, I experienced a change in my inner being - it was adeep feeling like as if I have been made aware of certain things at the right time in my life. The main part or take away from the conference was that I was fully filled with gratitude and realized the value of parents in my life. LMAD gave me a new vision to live life. I took a decision to spend more time with them.

My vision towards life changed fully after the Youth Conference; many negative layers unfolded within me which made me feel very light, and the introduction to the concepts of "Love Purity Unselfishness Honesty" made me want to walk on the path of these four standards. 

My relationships with everyone also improved. When I reached home after attending the conference my parents began to see the drastic change in my being and the way things were handled by me after the conference.

Thereafter, my mother made a decision to attend the conference to see and experience what happened in those eight days that led to a positive change in her son. At LMAD I have received the essence of love and awareness. I would like to conclude that the LMAD conference is a deep blissful feeling inside and this feeling cannot be described in words.

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