Aswini Mohapatra - Puri, Odisha


About Aswini

I am Aswini Mohapatra, from Puri, Odisha. I came to know about LMAD through one of its past participants, who organized a youth conference in Odisha in Dec-2003 in the college where I was doing my engineering. I am a software professional, working as a System Analyst with HSBC Global Technology. Presently, I live in Hyderabad.

Why Aswini likes to be involved with IofC-LMAD?

The practice of Quiet time brought me to the moments where I realized some of the negative things in my character. Being with this extended family of IofC, listening to their stories inspired me to put things right in my life and build my character; at least take the steps. This has become a constant drive for me as a support system to face the truth and move ahead.

Aswini's Story of Change

During an IofC youth conference, when I realized the importance of listening to inner voice, I got the courage to accept the real identity of 'me' and the challenge to put things better in me. My life was governed by fear, ego and thirst for fame and self-righteousness. I never realized how I was hurting my friends; involved in back biting and how filthy I was becoming in my thoughts, words and deeds. Yet, I was able to maintain a good image before my parents and some teachers and in front of the people of my village.

In this rough journey I was losing good friends. I was occasionally talking to my father for almost 7 years; my communication with him was restricted to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from inside. From my heart I was not able to love anyone, neither my immediate family nor my relatives. I was just putting up a mask before all. Only exception was there with my sisters and grandparents.

The first step I took to put things right in my relationship was "to talk to my father". Slowly I could tell him about how I was doing with my life, about IofC, my studies and my friends. I also realized the harsh way in which I used to behave with my mother and immediately decided to be humble with her; and that was magical.

I could feel all the pain she had withstood in brings us up, mostly while she used to travel 80 kms from my village to my boarding school, twice a month just to give me home made snacks and to see me. All this realization brought me closer to them and I became more open in my behavior with my parents.


Stories of Change