Anant Saraf - Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Its been a long time since I was there in Asia Plateau but it feels as if it was yesterday and I was sitting with my family of Asia Plateau doing activities, having fun, having good food, and so on so on so on… This is my story of change and what I have been able to feel and imbibe in me only because of LMAD’ 2013

The four principles on which the whole conference is based were so conspicuous in my life yet I felt as if they were strangers to me. These four principles are – Purity , Honesty, Unselfishness & Love. During this conference I did see how these 4 principles (which sound so simple) can give my life and the lives of people around me a Difference.

The biggest difference that I see in my life is the way I have started loving my family and have started to think about me belonging to my family, making things work for them and have started giving time which is a very big thing which can be seen from their eye.

I had gone with my twin sister (Snehi) in this conference and for the first time I felt that I had done wrong with her by not giving my time when she needed it. I never loved her the way she loved me. After coming back I have made a point that she remains on the top of the list of my priorities which makes me feel different in a positive sense.

I have also started doing a lot of things which I never did and at the same time criticized those who did not do those things like throwing the garbage here and there on city streets, bribing traffic policeman, wasting water, electricity and resources which are scarce in world, etc. I have started doing all these things which make me feel a responsible citizen and can contribute to world.

I have committed myself on applying these principles constantly throughout my life and to pass it on to all whom I ever meet.

Stories of Change