Aliasgar Saria - Pune, Maharashtra


“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion." - Albert Camus

The IofC-LMAD conference was introduced to my family by my cousin long back, but we didn’t bother. We were again introduced to it by another cousin, this time I didn’t bother. Different plans were made rather than joining some conference on self-introspection, listening to inner voice and such irksome activities. Oh man, I was so mistaken. Being forced to attend the conference in June 2017 by my siblings and help of cousins was the best thing they could do ever do for me.

As soon as I entered Asia Plateau, the balmy weather and radiant green foliage awed me. Was welcomed with enthusiastic and helpful volunteers. Participants from all around the nation and abroad made the atmosphere exuberant. Feeling of separation from the outside world was felt right away.

The conference began and with it the adventure of cogitation, soul-searching, and introspection within. I never would have thought about giving time to myself, my thoughts and reflect about them. LMAD gave me the medium to enter the realm within my conscious that I always denied. The carefully crafted sessions and activities helped me in connecting various aspects of my life and push towards betterment of the world, my Nation, family, friends and society.

The place, Asia Plateau was immaculate. Everything was taken care of. The rooms were pleasant and the staff was considerate. Well-equipped library, prayer room and many other facilities were present. And yeah, the food was amazing. It felt like home within a couple of days, with the huge LMAD family of course.

This conference has made me look at my life goals clearer. Many great friends have been made there, which in turn has helped me nurture friendships. Compassion and gratitude has developed and expressed in things I do. Made me believe in people and concept of change. I am determined and practising to turn my antisocial tendencies into leadership capabilities. This conference has cleared my spectacles which were smudged by loathing, denial and misoneism. I am now more grateful for the things I am blessed with. My tremendous ego and pride, that I denied I had, subsided.

Surprisingly, solutions to problems that I had were there already within me, but the guided journey of introspection in all aspects of life at LMAD gave me the push I knew I needed.

I was also fortunate to be invited to the following December Workshop. Here, I dived deeper into myself. Trying to finally overcome hurdles and walls that I had found ways around due to fear of facing them. It helped revitalize my life with strengthened my values and ideals. It also made me look into my flaws and weaknesses. Here, I listened to my conscious rather than my thoughts and that’s what has turned my life around for better.

I am very thankful and grateful to everyone associated with LMAD in helping me find the direction I had lost long ago. The bonds you make at LMAD stick with you forever, and the teachings hopefully beyond your lifetime.

Thanks for reading. Hoping to meet you one day.

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