Adnan A. Harnesswala - Mumbai, Maharashtra


When was the last time we ever, thought or worked our mind, our heart, or body, in a way, which could enable us to listen only to our conscience? A majority would give a negative answer to this question and yes, I was one of them. I didn’t even realize, that a gift like this existed within all of us, which would help us achieve all the greatness one wanted in life; this gift was the gift of knowing your conscience or yourself.

Let me take you in back in time, explaining ‘how I found this beautiful gift’ and ‘how we all can find it within ourselves’. This is my ‘Story of Change’, a few years later, you will have yours.

“Just after completing my 12th Grade in 2007, not knowing where I would be headed next in life, I began doing the normal graduation course in the field of commerce, from a reputed college in Mumbai, contemplating between various options and scenarios in and outside India. Between the age of 16-19 is where we believe, that only choosing the right path of career is only the most ultimate and difficult decision one has to take, but believe me, going back in time, a career decision is just one of the pillars of life, but, a character decision is what would hold all your other decisions in life. It was then I decided to choose a career in the field of ‘Chartered Accountancy’ and appeared for the necessary entrance exams. I cleared those and as a part of the CA Course training, I began to work by the time I was 18 years old.

My cousin, was associated with Iofc-LMAD and in the summers of 2008, he introduced and informed me about the LMAD- Youth Conference, which is held every year from 1st June to 8th June. At the beginning I was apprehensive, as 8 days meant a lot that time. 8 Days at that age, meant about driving down with friends out of town. My idea of a summer holiday/getaway was pretty different back then as I had already began working by that age and a holiday is what I wanted to use fruitfully, of all the limited leaves I would get from work.

Somehow, I convinced myself and was eager to try new experiences, meeting new people from different places, I said to myself, why not, lets. My ‘lets’ is where all the magic began.

I reached Panchgani, on the 1st of June, firstly I was in awe of the place, no where had I imagined or seen a more beautiful place than ‘Asia Plateau’ it was purely serene. The conference began and just like any other 18 year old, in the beginning 2-3 days, I was unable to get the concept and I thought I made a mistake and wasted my 8 days. However I was wrong, on the third / fourth day, something struck my thinking, something which I had never experienced before, I had a reality face off, what struck me was my conscience when evaluated with the four pillars of Iofc-LMAD, being ‘Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love (PHUL). Well, I have never seen a more scarier person than your true self. This was the first step up the ladder of change. This is where my Story of Change began and with the help of Iofc-LMAD, I stand tall proudly today for every ounce of my ‘Character/moral decisions/ change’, I would have never been the changed person I am today, if it hadn’t been for LMAD.

Today in 2018, I am 28, a practicing Chartered Accountant and pursuing a degree in the field of law. I specialize in International Taxation and other fields of tax and have the opportunity of travelling out of India, a dream which was seen by me 10 years back. I have travelled vastly and extensively across India and have worked in 4 Cities in my 11 year working career and have now settled in my hometown Mumbai, it was a calling of my conscience. I am happy and grateful to GOD for this life and the lifelong friends which I made at LMAD. Each time, I strive to be a better person than I was yesterday along with humility by myside.

Everyone takes a step towards their outward journey, but most neglect or do not wish to take a step within themselves. It is our conscience and Inner Voice, upon evaluation against the four core values, which makes us realize of the person we have been and the concept of Quiet Time is the tool for achieving it.

If someone, could inspire and make a difference in my life, by introducing me to LMAD and changing my life, then I too would strive to make a difference in somebody else’s life, by introducing them to the ‘Lets Make a Difference’ (LMAD) and most importantly with themselves, this is what will remain in our hearts until the very end.

Adnan A. Harnesswala

Stories of Change