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Welcome to Initiatives of Change

We, a group of young people, are challenged by the idea of Initiatives of Change, IofC, because it inspires you to do what you feel is best for you. All you have to do is ask yourself in silence on what is good for you and how you can bring that change. That's where the process of change starts. Change yourself first, reform yourself and you will reform thousands. This idea appealed many of us and it has brought together young people from all over the country year after year.

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The vision is empowerment of ordinary youth into forces of change. We will work tirelessly to inspire young people who will play an important role in society; whose character is shaped by the universal values of honesty, love, unselfishness, purity and selfless service around the world. Such individuals will provide an alternative...

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Nestling in the western hills of India and overlooking the Krishna Valley lies Asia Plateau, a centre for introspection and dialogue. Over the past five decades ordinary men and women of all classes, races and religions have experienced here, a change in attitude, motivation and behaviour causing ripples in their personal lives, families, workplaces, communities, and sometimes much beyond.

Asia Plateau is used for holding the training programmes and conferences of Initiatives of Change. Asia Plateau is a 68-acre campus situated at an altitude of 1,300 meters in Panchgani, just a 100 kms. away from Pune, and 248 km from Mumbai.

Stories of Change

The first time I came to MRA was for YC 2014 and I didn’t know what to expect. But what I got was totally unexpected. The 8 days spent here were amazing. I was awestruck with the awesomeness ...

Huzaifa Katawala - Nagpur, Maharashtra

Nisreen Baramatiwala's Story of Change I wasn't aware of how a National Youth Conference like Lmad - Lets Make A Difference could change lives, until I felt an immense change in my niece Zainab, w...

Nisreen Baramatiwala - Baramati, Maharashtra

Family was something which was one of my least concerned priority. Giving adequate time to parents, siblings, elders, etc was never in my mind. Having ego clashes, small tiffs was a daily routine. ...

Atindra Mahadevan - New Delhi

I am Shreeya Gandhi, a student of 4th year Architecture from Pune. I am associated with with LMAD and its principles since June 2012. I came as a participant for the first time in the National Yout...

Shreeya Gandhi - Pune, Maharashtra

My journey with MRA started back then when I had just passed out of 10th Std. I was a 16 year old school boy who never used to interact with people & who was very low on confidence. During my f...

Rachit Khatri - Pune, Maharashtra

I was 17 when I first came to MRA. Coming only under the pressure of my mother, I was least interested in the conference and knew almost nothing about it. I knew almost nothing about everything the...

Jasmin A Singh - Mumbai, Maharashtra